My Mommy Morning Routine ♥ Collab w| Agnes Giron

Mommy Morning routine thumbnail

Welcome to just a little piece of my daily life, and this video is all about my morning routine with my children!

My children are my world and I wanted to show you just how busy my morning is with the and I love every minute of it! Yes sometimes life gets crazy but this is what I always wanted since I could remember and thats a family of my own.

My daily routine:

8:30am Wakeup, check social media, make bed, & feed Liam a bottle

9:00am Make yogurt with granola & coffee to start my day

9:15am Ava wakes up & makes her bed 

9:20am Play & clean up time (I can’t start my day without cleaning first)

9:30-10am BREAKFAST & snapchat my daily thoughts (👻 : AEXOXOXO)

10:30am Clean & Play time (again lol) Check emails, social media

11:00am (depending on the day) Activity – Playground – Walk Sophie

11:45am Snack & nap time 

12:00pm Quiet time for Ava while I either edit my weekly videos, write a blog for it, film, or makeup of the day pictures (#MOTD)

After that my daily life continues & my husband comes home from work so the day varies after that 🙂

I love you for watching & thank you so much!

♥♥♥Please check out Agnes video here, she did her daily mommy morning routine as well! So tell her I sent you ;)♥♥♥

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