Unboxing RocksBox July 2015


for more details & youtube video…


COUPON CODE: ashleyelizabethfwm (1 month free of subscription)

If you’re a girl like me who barely buys jewelry because you either forget or it’s not on the top of your shopping list than this jewelry subscription just might be for you! Rocksbox contacted me via email asking if I would like to take on a sponsorship opportunity as an influencer with 3 months of complimentary Rocksbox membership!

I love how cute the box is and the personalize message inside, there’s nothing like a personalized message that makes your package that much more special!

After opening up the jewelry and trying them on, they didn’t feel like low quality jewelry so that was a big plus I was looking for in this review. I never purchase big earrings that hang off of my ear so it was also nice to have something different to add to my collection. I love that when I’m done using this, I can wrap them all back up and send them for three more pieces to wear.

Caring for your rocksbox pieces is a huge thing when returning them:

  • Avoid contact with lotion, perfume, and beauty products
  • Avoid soap, cleaning agents and hard chemicals
  • Remove jewelry before washing hands or showering
  • Store jewelry in provided Rocksbox care bags



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