Beach Waves for Short Hair


So if you don’t already know this, I love to do short hair, it’s like my speciality. Not only do I have short hair but how many times do you actually see tutorials about it that you can relate too? I know I never did and that’s how I started my youtube channel.

Beach Waves Thumbnail

(click this picture to view the tutorial)

My hair is growing really fast now and I am so happy because it’s been 2 years since I cut my hair, actually I think more then that! I cut it extremely ‘Twiggy’, Miley Cyrus’, short aka pixie hair cut. From time to time I do miss it, but it was more fun recording my tips and tricks for growing it out. Which was extremely difficult but I’m glad that its’ all over! Any who, so I love the way short hair looks with that beach wave look especially when the ends are straight and effortless. For this look you can also add some beach spray to make your hair extra fancy, or beachy! I love either Surf Spray from Bumble & bumble or Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray ❤ Other then that you don’t need much to start and it’s simple!

In this tutorial I used:

Conair Instant Heat 3/4inch Curling


BlowPro After blow Hairspray

shopping copy


Bio Ionic Clips



All in all I hope you will enjoy and let me know what kind of look you would like me to teach you!

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