Valentine’s Day Tutorials!

Hello beYoutiful!

If your looking for some inspiration for your date tonight or even tomorrow night the look no further! Here I have not 1 but 2 tutorials to share with you for this lovely weekend we have a head of us. Now don’t worry in one of my tutorials I have a hair one as well! Using my ‘Bombay Hair Extensions’ they are 220 grams of all goodness ❤

So with that being said click one of these photos to take you to the right place ❤

Soft and Sweet Thumbnail

Sexy and Romantic



2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Tutorials!

  1. lifeunrefined says:

    I just watched your soft&sweet tutorial and wish it was as easy as you make it look! I have trouble making my eyes look more “dimensional”…when I try to softly blend my darker eyeshadow into the lighter one, I end up blending the whole thing together. 😦 Oh well. You look beautiful, though!


    • fashionistawifemom says:

      Oh no! Don’t give up girly practice makes perfect! Let me know if you would like to see anything as a tutorial xoxo ae

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