Khroma Beauty Eyelashes

Okay Okay!

A lot of you have been asking about how did the Khroma Lashes turn out and I would have to say not impressed. At first when I saw them at Ricky’s NYC I was like “oh yes I’ve been dying to try these out” plus I loved how gorgeous the lashes look. Btw can’t find the name or number of this anywhere on it but there isn’t a lot to choose from hopefully it will be easy to find.


So here’s what I don’t like… For one they’re not real human hair which is what I go for when it comes to lashes because that’s what makes them look real! For example when I look down and other people can see my lashes its obvious when I wear these that its synthetic. Especially at the band where it’s full the hair is so shiny it’s obvious it isn’t mine. BTW the band is too straight and it was a little struggle to get them on. Which is weird to me because I put lashes on daily, which reminds me also of the lashes on amazon that I bought but the just put Khroma on a new package.


Other then that I do like them mostly because of the style and packaging but also want to try the other products that they have because I’ve only found them at Ricky’s NYC and for $7.00 lashes that aren’t real not to happy about it. I mean its a Kardashian brand couldn’t they have made the lashes real or mink something other then synthetic.





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