The Tri-Colored Glitter Tipped Mani <3

Hey Fashionista’s !

In case you missed it, here is ANOTHER tutorial! This time it’s nails and I have to say I am very proud of myself I am not a nailista (lol) and I think I did a good. Ofcourse I had to only show my left hand, thank goodness I didn’t paint my right hand 🙂 ….

– Who doesn’t just love a fresh glittering mani? Well, I do. And with fall just around the corner, I figured I’d mix and match a few autumn-y, fall-ready colors. Master this glitter-tipped mani in just 8 easy steps!

  1. You will need some supplies; I have here acetone and cotton swaps to fix any imperfections, five nail polishes, your base & topcoat, glitter nail polish, and your favorite three nail polishes.
  2. Start off with the base coat and apply to your nails like so. This will keep everything lasting longer and stronger. It also helps to have your nails just a little bit longer.
  3. Paint your nails one color each. This will give you the tri-colored look and you can apply them in any pattern, as you like. I chose the magenta in the middle because it’s my favorite color.
  4. Clean up any imperfections! This is important because you want your nails to look well groomed like you just came from the nail salon.
  5. Next apply your topcoat and let your nails sit for at least 10 minutes. After all you don’t want all that hard work going to waste (phew!)
  6. After 10 min, take a business card and place it on top of your nails. You can choose whether how far you want the tip of the glitter to go but in the end perfection wont be necessary in this step.
  7. Now the fun part after applying each glitter tip to the nails lighting swipe on any left over glitter to your nails. It kind of gives it that funky look that go with the nails and it’s a little different.
  8. And, voila, you’re done! Why don’t you rock the glitter-tipped mani this Halloween?

– Ashley Elizabeth

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