A Soft Eye Look That is Perfect For Fall (For The Brown Eyed Girl)

Hey Fashionista’s!

So here is my first post on Kouture Kiss.com  I really hate that picture (2) is not with a flash but I didn’t even check my pictures before hand. Anyways!

There are many colors that compliment brown eyes, like purple. Master this light fall-ready eye in less than 5 steps!

  1. Start off with a clean and primed eye. After you prime, fill in your eyebrows.
  2. Next, apply a shimmer light gold eye shadow to your lids. Be sure not to pass the brow bone. This will be your base, and it will brighten your eyes and appear softer then a matte color because of the shimmer texture.
  3. Next, apply a dark brown eye shadow to your crease. This will give your eyes a defined look. Sweep the shadow on your lash line. Be sure to sweep it away from your eye to create a winged effect. This will soften the look of having a dramatic eyeliner wing but still give you that same effect.
  4. Apply purple eye shadow to your lash line. This will give your eyes that pop of color that compliments those beautiful brown eyes. Apply some mascara to brighten your eyes.
  5. Lastly, apply some brown eyeliner to the top of your lash line and apply some of your favorite lashes to complete the look.


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